I am fascinated by artificial intelligence and games.

Decision making is a basic activity in our lives, and an essential feature of intelligent autonomous agents. I am interested in creating agents that are able to succeed in a wide range of complex decision-making tasks, in order to help human users solve real-world problems. To achieve this, my research focuses on planning, required for acting towards long-term goals; on learning, required for acting in unknown environments; and on the explainability of planning and learning, required for successful human-AI collaboration.

In order to tackle these challenges, I use the unifying framework of reinforcement learning - of learning by trial and error - and aim at pushing its boundaries in a variety of traditional and digital games as testbeds. I then transfer game AI technology to non-game domains in collaborative projects with industry, in sectors such as logistics and transportation, smart manufacturing, and sustainable energy.

Here are a few videos describing some of my recent research: